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White Papers

Combustion, Emmissions, and Ambient Air Monitoring

- Ametek Thermox - Application of Combustion Analyzers in Safety Instrumented Systems
- Ametek Thermox - Combustion Analyzer Requirements for SIL Certification and SIS Implementation

Flow, Level, Vibration, Water Quality

- Ametek Barben - 4401 Dissolved O2 in Offshore Waterflood
- Ametek Barben - pH Control in Brine Treatment & Dechlorination
- Ametek Barben - pH Control in Sour Water Stripper
- Ametek Barben - pH Control in Wet Gas Scrubbers
- Optical Scientific - NIST Special Test Report on OFS
- Optical Scientific - Optical Scintillation Technology Bests NIST

Process Analyzers

- Ametek Barben - Process Applications of a Phase Fluorometric Oxygen Analyzer
- Ametek Process Instruments - Process Gas Analyzers for the Measurement of Ammonia and Acetylene Concentration
- Ametek Process Instruments - The Seven Deadly Sins of Sulphur Recovery

Sample Handling and Conditioning Components

- Ametek Barben - Optimizing on-line pH Analysis for Longer Life in Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems
- Ametek O'Brien - Selection Guide for Electropolished Sample Transport Tubing
- Ametek O'Brien - Selection Guide for Sample Transport Tubing
- Sheffield Separators - Practical Uses of Kinetic Separation Technology in Sample Conditioning

Total Power Solutions

- Ametek SCI - A Comparison of Ferroresonant and PWM Inverter Technologies
- Ametek SCI - IEEE 1184-1994 Battery for UPS
- Ametek SCI - K Factor Ratings Defined
- Ametek SCI - Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) Data Analysis of UPS
- Ametek SCI - New Current Sensing Scheme for Static Transfer Switches
- Ametek SCI - Points of Differentiation
- Ametek SCI - Power Distribution for Branch Circuit Protection
- Ametek SCI - Questions and Answers for Applying IEEE 519-1992
- Ametek SCI - Sizing a UPS System for Non-Linear Loads
- Ametek SCI - Sizing Lead-Acid Batteries for Station Applications
- Ametek SCI - The Essential Differences Between Commercial & Industrial UPS Systems
- Ametek SCI - UPS Configurations
- Ametek SCI - UPS Systems in Industrial Applications